Webpage Portfolio

We keep our web portfolio managable, so that each of our customers is given the one-on-one attention they deserve. You can be just another number with the big guys, or a valued customer with us.

BCAutorepairs.com -
Basic website for local auto repair and body shop. Included social media integration with Facebook, customer testimonials, Google Maps, Foursquare, and local media business listings. Along with our webpage development services, we also offer marketing consultation, and strategies. Once you have secured your footprint on the internet with a professional website, your opportunities to spread your company’s good word is endless. No matter where or how your customers find you, they will always land on your new web presence.
204trips.com – 204trips started out as a simple information portal for parents and students going on the annual 8th grade Washington DC trip, and the 7th grade Springfield/St. Louis trip. Over the years, the website has matured into not only a central information portal, but also a planning tool, sales mechanism, and trip coordination home base. Through integrated Google tools, password protected pages, email alerts, and the ability to post updates on the spot, 204trips.com has matured into a full fledged small business website, still focusing on the student trips it was originally intended to serve. 204TripsLogo
KyliesKrew.com – Non-profit
private blog created and maintained on behalf of a Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides fundraising team. This web-blog not only allows the family of a CF child the ability to help build their fundraising efforts, but it also gives them the opportunity to share update about their child to subscribers to their blog.
 Breath-of-Hope.comThe Breath of Hope charity fundraising event website has helped drive traffic and funds to this worthy cause. This annual charity auction and
dinner is advertised online and in local papers. Having a single contact point for more information and document distribution has helped make this event a huge success. This dynamic website is updated only in the months prior to the event, and gives organizers an easy way to get the word out and to thank charitable contributors.
Learning21st.com – Learning21st is
a blog website hybrid. Providing continutious updates to students, parents, and educators regarding instructional technology and its integration into the modern classroom. This website is many times the testing ground for new web technologies and innovations.